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What Is The Purpose Of Fahad Khan’s Motivational Speaking?

What Is The Purpose Of Fahad Khan’s Motivational Speaking?

Every motivational speaker has a unique message that they share with their audience. Some motivational speakers focus more on giving out practical advice related to niches such as business, entrepreneurship and marketing, while others target emotional fulfillment and share tips with their audience on how they can achieve a better mental health. 

Fahad Khan, one of the top motivational speakers of Pakistan, has a unique approach that combines the two and inspires people to be the best not only in terms of their careers but also in their personal lives. 

Read below to know more about the core purpose of Fahad Khan’s motivational speaking career and the lessons you can extract from it.

Purpose Of Fahad Khan’s Motivational Speaking

1. Inspiring Youth To Discover Their Unstoppable Potential

Fahad Khan’s aspiration is to be a motivational speaker that inspires the youth to discover their innermost potential, just waiting to be discovered by them. In many of his speeches, he often says that there are two voices that influence an individual’s actions – inner voice and outer voice. The former is the individual’s own inner calling that guides them towards their true passion, while the latter is based on the conventional path that society forces people to follow. 

As a student coach, Fahad Khan urges students to ignore the ‘outer voice’ as background noise and to solely focus on what they themselves want out of life. His main motive is to help people live a life that is authentic and true to their values. 

In Pakistan’s context, there is a pressing issue of people being bound by social conventions when it comes to carving their own path in life. Fahad Khan proves to be an example in this case, as coming from a humble background himself, he knows how it is like to be limited by your own society, but he also knows how to make magic out of adversity and gaining unstoppable success by realizing your own potential in life.

2. Transforming Vision Into Venture

Fahad Khan’s motto ‘transforming vision into venture’ summarizes his action and solution-oriented approach as a business coach as well as motivational speaker. While every person out there has a dream and a vision, not everyone is equipped with the knowledge, motivation and mindset that could help translate vision into ‘venture.’

‘Venture’ can have a different meaning for everyone depending on their definition of success. For some people, it may be a lucrative business out of doing what they love. For others, it may be becoming a person that is emotionally healthy and is at peace with their surroundings. 

Whatever it is, Fahad is always willing to help people who approach him for his coaching services and help them transform their vision into reality.

3. Encouraging People To Give Back To Their Communities

A saying Fahad Khan often repeats in his sessions is ‘life is a gift and giving is our lifestyle.’ He believes that life is a blessing instead of a curse, and that it should be cherished by not only living it to the fullest but also by giving back to the community that made us who we are today. 

He believes that we should pay it forward by contributing to our communities and helping those in need. By doing so, we not only enrich the lives of others but also our own, creating a positive impact and a better world for all.

Fahad’s philosophy is simple yet powerful, reminding us that life is short and that we should make the most of it by embracing kindness and generosity. He inspires others to make a difference, one act of giving at a time, and to live a life that is meaningful, fulfilling and truly blessed.

4. Eliminating Fears And Chasing Your Goals

Fahad Khan stresses upon the importance of eliminating your self-sabotaging beliefs or fears and chasing your goals. He recognizes the fact that big behavioral changes do not happen overnight, which is why people must tackle their goals one step at a time and make gradual improvements to how they approach difficult situations in their life.

5. Helping Students Overcome Procrastination And Laziness

One of the biggest behavioral problems affecting students today is procrastination. With the rise of numerous social media applications and digital distractions, students suffer from short attention spans that make them lose focus on their priorities such as their academic growth. 

Fahad Khan helps students find ways on how they can set their targets for the day and inculcate more productivity in their routine. He teaches students various techniques such as setting timers, incorporating a reward system, breaking down big goals into small achievable milestones, and so on.

Furthermore, Fahad Khan emphasizes the importance of mindfulness and self-awareness in overcoming procrastination. He encourages students to recognize their triggers and habits that lead to procrastination and suggests alternative actions that promote productivity. By developing a growth mindset and maintaining a positive outlook, students can effectively tackle the issue of procrastination and improve their overall academic performance.

6. Helping The Youth Develop A Growth Mindset

Anyone can be a victim. It is extremely effortless to blame your surroundings for your current situation rather than taking responsibility for yourself. Fahad Khan stresses upon his audience, consisting mostly of the youth, to develop a growth mindset that finds the positive in every situation.

He explains that having a growth mindset helps individuals take ownership of their lives and make proactive choices that lead to success. He further highlights that individuals with a fixed mindset often dwell on their limitations and struggles, making it difficult for them to make progress. 

Blaming external factors for one’s shortcomings or difficulties only leads to a vicious cycle of negative thoughts and actions. Instead, he encourages individuals to focus on what they can control and take steps towards self-improvement. He helps individuals understand that their thoughts, beliefs, and actions shape their lives and the key to success is taking ownership and responsibility for their own lives.

7. Personality Development Through A 3-Step Process

In his life coaching program, Fahad Khan shares his exclusive 3-step process that his clients can use in order to become well-rounded individuals. The first step is to ‘identify your idea’ which means, recognizing your end goal and breaking it down into smaller goals. 

The second step, which he labels as ‘milestones’ refers to the precise steps an individual needs to take in order to get closer towards their end goal. This involves a lot of brainstorming and planning, as there can be multiple pathways towards the same destination. It also includes possible detours a person may have to take during their journey towards their goal, as unpredictable circumstances can always happen.

The last but most important step is called ‘Execution Of Idea’ in which the individual must adopt a proactive approach and finally take actions towards their goals. Bear in mind that this is not as simple as it sounds, as it can be an iterative process. Sometimes, the individual may have to revisit step 1 and redefine their idea, especially if they find out that their original goal is not feasible given the current circumstances.

8. Reframing Failure As A Learning Opportunity

Oftentimes, people take failure to heart and choose to give up on their goals. Fahad teaches his audience that failure is more of a learning experience than a defeat. By experimenting with various strategies and finding out which work and which ones don’t, you can find out the best way to tackle your goals.

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