Fahad Khan
I'm Unstoppable

We all have been into a motivational event where the speaker comes up on a stage and narrate his/ her speech but how long will the impact of that lecture stay

Ask Yourself

For how long you stay motivated after listening an inspiring speech?

What actions you take after attending a motivation session?

Well, I don't blame you because this is how the motivation works, the dopamine rush you get from listening to sweet empowering words does not last much.

Think about it, everyone who did something great in life, were they constantly looking for motivation? were they hopping from one motivational talk to another just to find that ‘energy’ to do something?

So how do we train our minds for success?
How can we make our perception the reality?

Firstly, by understanding the blueprint of your mind, how do you create meaning and emotion? what causes you to think? feel a certain way and behave the way you behave. You cannot fully gain the answers to these questions but learn how to create lasting change and fulfillment. You have no idea how much strength, power, and purpose you have until you’re faced with something that could rob you of the quality of life.

The second thing is checking up on your belief system. If you start with a belief system that stresses what you can’t do, you tap a limited amount of potential, and you take half-hearted tentative actions, which probably lead to dismal results, and then what will these results do to your beliefs about subsequent endeavours? This is a classic downward spiral: failure breeds failure.