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10+ Top Motivational Speakers in Pakistan 2023

10+ Top Motivational Speakers in Pakistan 2023

The term, Motivational speakers in Pakistan ; derived from motive, breaks down to the needs, desires and drives within an individual.

Who is a Motivational Speaker?

motivational speaker is one who inspires or motivates an audience through their speeches and counselling. These personalities help others achieve their goals in life by fuelling their drive and adding new lenses to change the individual’s perspective and view each situation differently; rather in an optimistic way.

It is a true eureka how powerful someone’s speech is to completely turn a life upside down, all in the span of a sunset. Motivational Speakers succour people to overcome the issues they face and climb the stairs to success, for success has no shortcuts.

Mental Health Illnesses have peaked in the recent years of pandemic, which has taken a toll on physical health as well. Due to strict lockdowns imposed, the isolation has had a negative impact on its surrounding. People receive positivity and motivation from these speakers. They light the path for people to comprehend how to live a better life with a positive and stress-free mind, which leads them to become more attentive towards their goals, talents, abilities etcetera.

What Does A Motivational Speaker Speak About

A motivational speaker changes the mind-set of people on the basic emotional level which allows them to battle against their own intrusive thoughts. These personalities sell books or upload videos on Social Media Platforms; to spread their message widely – they share their personal experience with people to inspire them to apply these experiences personally and learn from another’s mistakes. They also speak in different schools and hosted events.

Times in life when one faces immense disappointment, they lose the desire to succeed. Amidst those difficult days, our loved ones re-ignite our spark to boost our stamina. Listening to or observing others’ success stories inspires us to strive for it, and this is the basic phenomenon behind the motivational sessions. Usually, all motivational speakers share their success stories to increase the audience’s interest.

What does a Motivational Speaker Do?

The primary role of a motivational speaker is to inspire their audience.

  • A motivational speaker develops the interest of their listeners in the desired field. They buck up their audience to not give upif they wish to succeed.
  • They deliver speeches at variousevents to provide relief to their audience by sharing several thoughts rather than a single opportunity.
  • A motivational speaker enhances the personality of their audience by challenging them to face and solve the
  • The purpose of motivation speakers is to help their audiences discover their purpose in life and live a goal-oriented lifestyle.
  • By speaking motivationally, motivational speakers help you relax and boost your thinking process temporarily.

The purpose of motivational speakers at events is to entertain and educate the audience. Their speech is strong and firm to empower others. Usually, motivational speakers play with the psychology of their listeners. They transform the mind-set of their spectators. A motivational speaker in Pakistan can help overcome the difficulties of life and find its true value.

Targeted Goals of Motivational Speakers

The speakers have essential emotional intelligence; understanding the thoughts of a person, how to deal with them and tackle problems with the peace of mind. They develop confidence in the audience which helps them in achieving a spectacular milestone and also provides promotions and further success.

This infectious positive energy spreads to other people and the attendee begins living in the present; for when the present is improved, the past is forgiven and the future is improved.

Top Motivational Speakers in Pakistan

Fahad Khan


Fahad Khan is a prominent name amongst the leading motivational and keynote speakers of Pakistan. He is, also, a success coach, consultant, entrepreneur, and the CEO of a Canada Prime Marketing Company. Khan is honoured to be the keynote speaker at TEDx UET in Pakistan. He delivers his speeches to inspire the youth. Furthermore, Khan works to transform the mind-set of his audience and challenge them to spend meaningful lives.

He is one of the visionary entrepreneurs and coaches of Pakistan who aims to lead the positive transformation of lives of individuals and teams. His words contribute towards the development of personal and professional perspectives amidst people.

Khan views motivational speaking as the source of unleashing potential in individuals. He ignites the passion in people to move ahead of their present flaws and limiting beliefs. Khan’s words and motivational campaigns serve as a medium of learning, growth and therapy for people.

It helps them transcend their former selves in order to effectively deal with their weaknesses. Fahad Khan’s ‘I AM UNSTOPPABLE’ Campaigns function to develop the personalities and mind-sets of individuals. It encourages them to determine a purposeful vision in life and pursue it with the help of consistency and hard work.

Khan is also a part of the noteworthy and excessively impactful life coaches who lead a crowd towards abundant mind-sets. The principal feature of all his services is to cultivate advancement and enhancement in people’s approach towards life.

For him, the main purpose of motivational speaking is to transfigure individual personalities to reach higher goals. He coaches individuals and teams to pursue inner and external harmony to target meaningful objectives of life.

Qasim Ali Shah

Qasim Ali Shah
Qasim Ali Shah

Shah is the Founder and CEO of Qasim Ali Shah Foundation. He trains people to live their best life with the help of different speeches and/or experiences to spread positivity and optimism in society.

Ali Shah is one of the most profound and experienced speakers of this land, who also produces literature to assist individuals in tackling their weaknesses and obstacles. He proffers lectures and speeches on topics concerning social and psychological issues.

Moreover, Ali Shah offers guidance and supports to learners of every class, gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, age and background. He aims at diversifying the perspectives and skillsets of people by being an effective motivational speaker in Pakistan.

He continues to influence the personal and social identity of people through his words and carries a deeper sense of improvement and qualitative enhancement. Ali Shah also aims at cultivating social responsibility in the community of Pakistan.

Javed Chaudhary


Javed Chaudhary is a Writer, YouTuber, Journalist, TV Anchor, and also hosts the show ‘Kal Tak’. He has also written books to raise awareness, with the use of literature; for example; Zero-point, Zero-point 2.

Chaudhry has created motivational content and columns to inspire the youth of Pakistan, for over 2 decades. His efforts revolve around self help, self analysis and self discovery and he effectively urges other people to indulge in self improvement techniques.

He offers his critique on several social, cultural, economic and political topics as well as his guidance on a wider range of topics. He simultaneously motivates people to approach effectiveness in seeking support and transformational assistance.

Dr. Javed Iqbal

Dr. Javed Iqbal
Dr. Javed Iqbal

Dr. Iqbal has featured in many motivational videos on an infamous social media platform; TikTok. He wrote the book; Operative Surgery – and has a hefty Social Media following. Iqbal has also received invitations to TV shows. Millions of people receive benefits from his videos on Medical Education and other sensitive subjects.

He also operates in a particular niche to advantage his listeners and learners. He continues to resolutely contribute towards the medical literature and conditions in Pakistan. Furthermore, Iqbal has encouraged and motivated the youth to become a cure and source of healing for others. His voice and words concerning medical conditions and facilities are massively recognized and considered.

Salman Asif Siddiqui


Salman Asif Siddiqui is the founder of the Educational Resource Development Centre, which has been developed for training teachers and further enhancing and improving content material. With more than 20 years of experience in this field, he is a counsellor, trainer, and motivational speaker in Pakistan.

The author has published nearly 40 books and has been present at many events in Europe, Pakistan, hundreds of seminars, and international organizations. He has also received numerous invites from various TV Shows.

Siddiqui is an exceptionally experienced and a highly qualified educational psychologist. His literature serves as a medium of inspiration and motivation in several states; those include Pakistan, UAE, India and UK. He conducts countless training workshops for teachers and specialists scattered all over the world.

  1. Siddiqui continues to be a source of motivation and encouragement through distinct and unique ways for his audience and admirers. He also works witha number of leading national and international organizations.

Qaiser Abbas


Qaiser Abbas is a motivational speaker in Pakistan, trainer, and psychologist who perfectly understands how to deal with adverse conditions and how to achieve dreams. In addition, he works with public figures in Film and Sports.

He is an award-winning leader and life coach, as well as a counsellor and a business psychologist who aims at leading individuals towards prosperity. His knowledge expands over the unknown which makes him trustworthy to the extent where International Companies and Organizations rely on his expertise.

He continues to impact the success level for educational institutes, corporations and non profit organizations. Abbas influences the lives of millions through his best selling books and media appearances.

Abbas is also the founder and CEO of Possibilities Foundation. It aims at establishing 500,000 non-formal educational institutes to educate underprivileged children. He persistently supports corporate, educational and social welfare initiatives.

Umair Jaliawal

Umair Jaliawal
Umair Jaliawal

Jaliawal is a keynote speaker, trainer, consultant, and entrepreneur who shares new and innovative thoughts to his audience during his inspirational sessions. He has ten years’ worth of experience in motivational speaking and works as a mentor for training businessmen. His sessions are highly informative and a true eye opener.

Jaliawal serves the public on a regional, local and international level base. Moreover, he is an educational consultant and leadership development manager. He has mastered public speaking, diversity and inclusion management. Furthermore, he conceptualizes collaborations on the foundation of growth, inclusion and global connections.

As a part of his work, he facilitates organizations in bringing VMV to operational levels. He does so through a high-level qualitative coaching and internal campaigning. Several rapidly developing Companies seek his expertise and advice in order to operate in a competitive environment.

Hammad Safi


Hammad Safi is the youngest motivational speaker in Pakistan, at only the age of 16. His name has been given to him as the ‘Nanha Professor’ by the people of Pakistan. The nation’s youngest TV anchor, he is also a journalist, freelancer, blogger, and writer. Dr Allama Mohammad Iqbal’s concepts, doctrines, and teachings are important to him. Safi aims to restructure and lead the nation towards growth. He shares his wisdom with several national and international leaders of the country.

 Muniba Mazari


Muniba Mazari is an anchor, singer, musician and a YouTuber with a high international following her social media networks.

She is an exceptionally remarkable and prominent motivational speaker of Pakistan. Her character itself embodies strength, resilience and an elevating level of grace. Mazari possesses a profound emotional and intellectual expression to create an impact upon the lives of others through her experience, actions and most importantly, speech.

Her miniature artwork depicts immense talent, encouragement and motivation. She skilfully and authentically narrates real life experiences in order to attract and inspire her audience. Mazari utilizes a diversity of mediums and techniques to help her audience tackle and overcome their weaknesses.

Her character is an excessively remarkable model of motivation for her audience. She encourages her listeners to keep seeking opportunities endlessly. Mazari presents failure as an option but straightforwardly denies giving up as an option for individuals.

Sheikh Atif Ahmad


Sheikh A. Ahmad has helped a lot of students figure their aims and develop their skills. He believes in changing society by training the youth, and adding additional lenses to their perspective.

Ahmed Ali Awan
Ahmed Ali Awan

Ahmed A. Awan started his career via Ted Talks. He firmly believes the exchange of information is the best way to motivate one and other; in terms of sharing experiences and learning from each other’s mistake to truly live life at its best.

Tanzeela Khan


Tanzeela Khan is a female motivational speaker of Pakistan who is passionate about life and is the author of different books.  She is handicapped and restricted to a wheelchair, however, has used her disability to empower herself and those with the same strength as her, hence, raises her voice for the rights of disabled people. Furthermore, Khan is passionate about her work and sets an inspirational example for the youth.

She is also a vigorous entrepreneur who aims to improve health and hygiene conditions for women. She owns, operates and executes numerous applications and ventures to guide the community of this nation. Khan is a rights-activist and founder of ‘Girl Things’ who utilizes distinct and unique ways of inspiring people.

Her motivational speeches encourage youth to embrace their flaws, accept their true self and confidently pursue their passion. She is vigorously passionate about launching sustainable hygienic products for female’s reproductive health.

She continues to elevate the level of confidence and self-esteem of the youth through her freedom of speech. Khan further uses her voice it to cultivate confidence and enthusiasm in people regarding their goals.

Motivational Speakers courses listeners and learners with a profound medium of growth and improvement. Worthy mentions have been stated; who have helped many people achieve something in life and find their true purpose. Furthermore, they offer sessions in other disciplines as well along with motivational lectures.

Regardless, even if one strictly abides by the words of The Wise, it is still okay to not be okay, to make mistakes because the purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experiences to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience”

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