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What Is Fahad Khan Motto As A Motivational Speaker?

What Is Fahad Khan Motto As A Motivational Speaker?

As a philanthropist, entrepreneur, business strategist, life coach and top motivational speaker from Pakistan, Fahad Khan lives by the motto of ‘life is a gift and giving is our lifestyle.’ Oftentimes, celebrities, influencers and motivational speakers can come across as shallow or self-obsessed. That is not true in Fahad’s case, as he strongly believes that the more successful we become. The more we must give back to the community that made us who we are today.

Fahad Khan’s motto as a motivational speaker is one of its kind, as most often you find other influential speakers merely inspiring people to achieve individual success. While personal development and prosperity are important in their own way. It is equally important to focus on collective success by contributing to society by leveraging our expertise.

An Introduction To Fahad Khan

Fahad Khan is currently renowned as one of the best motivational speakers from Pakistan, but it is important to remember that where he stands today is not a coincidence or an outcome of luck but a result of his consistent efforts. He was born in a small Lahori village near Fauji Fertilizer in humble circumstances. 

Back then, he had no idea regarding his potential in the spheres of marketing, entrepreneurship and business. He always had an inquisitive, go-getter personality, but as a child he did not know how far this mindset would get him in life. The turning point of his life was when he moved to Canada with his family at the age of 11.

While at the start, he experienced isolation and felt out of place, he worked on his communication skills and gradually became a confident person. As he grew, he gained professional experience through various part-time jobs and eventually became a proficient marketer.

Fahad Khan worked at renowned Canadian companies, obtaining a stable career. But he wanted to build something of his own, which is why he started his own business Canada Prime Immigration and Marketing. As a result of his endless toil, he led the company as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada.

How Did Fahad Khan Realize His Own Motto?

Fahad Khan motto ‘life is a gift and giving is our lifestyle’ was something he realized over time during his career as a marketer and entrepreneur. Initially, he was focusing on his own success while experimenting with career opportunities in Canada. As he grew in age, he understood that there is more to life than just fulfilling your own needs and wants. He came to realize that life is a cycle between giving and taking, which inspired him to become a motivational speaker and the CEO of an immigration services company.

As a motivational speaker, Fahad Khan lives by his motto by inspiring other Pakistanis to chase their dream goals, whatever they may be. He preaches that it does not matter which family you may be born into and what financial circumstances you may be in – at the end of the day, it is up to you to take responsibility for yourself and change your situation. 

Mainly, Fahad motivates the youth as they have fresh minds and are naturally more energetic. He constantly urges them to develop their skill sets and most importantly, experiment with various career options before settling on one profession. Only after making mistakes and gauging the pros and cons of all alternatives, can we make an informed decision on the right course of action for ourselves.

As for how Fahad started his immigration services business in order to give back to the community, oftentimes after his conferences he would have his Pakistani fans approaching him and asking him as to how they can find international opportunities. He wants to empower struggling individuals in Pakistan and help them work abroad, so they can benefit the Pakistani economy through the success they gain internationally.

Feedback Received By Fahad For His Contribution As A Motivational Speaker

Fahad Khan receives overwhelmingly positive feedback by his audience as a motivational speaker. This partly because of the fact that his oratory style is extremely interactive and contagious in terms of the positivity it exudes. He asks questions from his audience during his speeches and involves them by asking them to share their unique opinions over the subject matter.

Perhaps one of the most heartwarming ways Fahad Khan treats his audience is how he refers to them as ‘Unstoppables’ during his talks. This is because whether they believe in their potential or not, he believes in them and helps them realize that success begins the moment we let go of a victim mindset and become comfortable with change.

As a student and life coach, he is approached by myriads of students especially after his university conferences for questions related to career counseling and personal development. This led him to conducting successful workshops such as his ‘How To Be Unstoppable’ series in which he coaches people on how to make gradual improvements to their personality by adopting a growth-oriented mindset.

What Lessons Can We Extract From Fahad Khan’s Vision And Motto?

Fahad Khan’s motto ‘life is a gift and giving is our lifestyle’ is applicable to our personal lives in numerous ways. The first part of it ‘life is a gift’ represents the fact that life is a blessing that should be cherished and spent as well as possible. We only get one chance in this worldly space, so we must make the most out of our limited time and see life as an opportunity to do good, be good and help as many people as we can.

The second part of the motto says ‘giving is our lifestyle’ which symbolizes that true satisfaction lies in being a giver rather than a consumer. TV shows and other media glamorize the concept of a hedonistic lifestyle in which an individual is merely fulfilling their own desires. But Fahad Khan reframes the idea of a good lifestyle by preaching that happiness lies in making someone’s day easier. By helping the needy, we can achieve a higher purpose in life and become a useful member of society.

Every person has the capacity to give something to others, and this is not limited to monetary benefits. Even teaching a useful life skill to someone is a virtuous action that should be applauded. It is important that we are contributing to our community in any way we can. Whether through material things such as monetary donations or through education.


In conclusion, Fahad Khan has a truly inspiring approach towards life that we can all learn from. By cherishing life as a gift and giving back to the community that brought us up. We can achieve self-actualization and spend every moment productively and positively. Anyone who wants to know how to adopt Fahad Khan’s mindset can benefit from his transformational workshops or even his videos on YouTube in which he shares inspiring messages that are relatable for young listeners.

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