Fahad Khan
I'm Unstoppable

Our live events are there to help you become a better version of yourself. A more self-confident, self-aware, and emotionally intelligent person.

I personally help you to unlock the mindset of an unstoppable leader – the mindset where you no longer have to live like a victim, where you complain less and do more. This is the state where you consume knowledge from every situation and experience in your life. Breathe information into your mind just like you would breathe oxygen into your lungs, and condition yourself to become a warrior and not a worrier. This is a shift in your perception from “why am I being punished” to “I’m only being tested”.

In our next segment we cover positioning yourself to win, this is something that is undermined by the majority. Just like all the other laws of science, there’s the law of attraction, a belief that the quality of your thoughts will bring the quality of experiences in your life. This happens to each one of us, we become what we think and set our mind to. This is a gift that you possess, a power that you can use immediately to transform the quality of your life. You can transform your life in an instant from ordinary to extraordinary, from suffering to fulfilled – the decision you need to take is to visualize your win, this helps your brain to elicit positive emotions, leading to the realization that your efforts result in a positive reward. By doing this continuously, your brain will start to link pleasure to accomplishing the task or objective and move towards it in the future.

But still, there is something you need to absolutely crush to get ahead – and that is fear. It can destroy our psychology and immobilize us from taking action. All of us experience fear in some context during our lives: fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success (ie: how can I handle the pressure and continue to deliver at a high level), fear of love (or losing love), fear of being alone, or fear of the unknown. We are constantly dancing between what we fear and desire the most. Some of us choose to ignore It, deny it and stay stuck in it. Others learn to embrace it, befriend it and move beyond. Don’t allow your fear to wage a fight with you and your dreams, rather learn to shrink it and build your confidence and courage.

Believing in Yourself

The last element to harness is the power of decision. Take consistent actions by using your personal power. This spark is already within you and needs to be awakened by igniting your desire and by showing yourself some simple systematic strategies to get greater results daily. If you’re dissatisfied with some area of your life, instead of getting frustrated, get excited. Until you get excited you won’t do anything to take your life to the next level. Doesn’t matter what happened in the past, how many times you tried and failed, none of that matters because each moment is a fresh new opportunity.